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Add-Ons Added to Escape the Dark Castle Kickstarter

Sure, games are cool and all, and pretty much all of them are great to play right out of the standard box... But many of us really want expansions! You know, the stuff that is able to take a game you love and really add to it, giving you new options and increasing the replayability. Well, over in the Escape the Dark Castle Kickstarter, they've added the Adventure Pack 1 expansion as an add-on as part of the campaign.

From the campaign:

As an extra special treat for all your amazing support we’ve decided to bring forward our first expansion, Adventure Pack 1 - at a kickstarter exclusive price of just £12!

We’ve made this expansion available as an add-on, open to all backers immediately. The best part is, it will ship at the same time as the base game, so you’ll get all this great content in one big bundle!

We’ll reveal more detail and final artwork in the coming days. What we can show you immediately is the amazing new characters! These three long-suffering prisoners are all specialists in one particular area: The Mason’s MIGHT knows no bounds, the Hunter can be counted on for CUNNING, and the Bishop is well-known for his WISDOM. Check out those stats!

The campaign still has 9 days left on the clock if you want to get in on the retro-style action.