Add-ons added to Dogs of War

By Polar_Bear
In Board Games
Apr 30th, 2014

CoolMiniOrNot has added a pair of add-ons to their Dogs of War Kickstarter campaign.

Mother Apollonia


From the update:

Hey guys,

We’re excited to announce two optional buys today! First we have Plastic Soldier Counters. These 50 highly detailed counters will fully replace all the soldier cards in your game!

Next we have the Kickstarter exclusive Captain, Mother Apollonia! As with each captain, Mother Apollonia comes with a player screen and 6 highly detailed plastic busts of the Captain.

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  • I’m definitely interested in this, but I hate the early bird. It’s only early for those who know about it and act on it. I didn’t know about it early enough.

    It’s only a few dollars, but those dollars saved probably would have made me buy the add ons.

    I think now that KS is becoming more known, early birds aren’t as “cool” as they once were.

    Time to wait and see if one opens up. If not, I guess I’ll pass.

    • …and Ironically, I just snagged an early bird. Ask and you shall receive. lol