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Add-Ons Added On to HD Stencil System Kickstarter

My painting skill is... mediocre at best. I base coat. I add some highlight colors. I drybrush. Pretty much done at that point. My figures look fine on a tabletop, but I'm not going to win any competitions with them. I'm certain those skills have faltered some, since it's been a couple years since I've picked up a brush. However, if I were to, I'd want to help out my caffeine hands some and add some cool detailing in one step by picking up some of the stencils from Anarchy Models. Their Kickstarter took off like a shot and they've got some new add-ons available.

There you can see some of the stencil designs and a bit of what it looks like when you use them properly. As for the Add-ons, you can now add extra stencils to your order. You can get both HS and HD stencils this way.

They're also running a little contest. They're adding the freebie sheet from the previous campaign to this one as an add-on, but if you come up with a name for it, you'll get one for free. Head over to their comments section and give them your idea.

The campaign is around 4x funded and still has 19 days left to go.