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Add-Ons Added and Stretch Goals Broken in Blackout: Journey Into Darkness Kickstarter

Nevermore Toys keeps rolling along with their Blackout: Journey Into Darkness Kickstarter campaign. They've made it to about 250% funded, with still 15 days left on the clock. They've added on some new stretch goals and hope to get there via the addition of some new add-ons. If you've not checked out the campaign for a while, it might behoove you to take another look at what's been going on.

One of the things they're working on is alternate versions of the four starting classes in the game. So there will be a male and female version of all of them. There's also two new player classes with companions, if those four original classes weren't quite for you. The next couple stretch goals add in new content to the main game, including wildlife cards, infected cards, and an abandoned gas station board.

The Mercenary Team is your add-on if you want to get some more survivors onto the board and take back the world for the humans.

The campaign still has 15 days to go to make it through as many stretch goals as possible.