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ADB to replace miniatures with new 3D sculpts

Amarillo Design Bureau today announced plans to replace their existing Starline 2400 range of miniatures with a new range , Starline 2500, which will be sculpted in 3D.

3D sculpted Federation Cruiser

From their website:
Our new joint venture deal with Mongoose includes a provision that they are going to replace (over a period of a couple of years) every existing Starline 2400 ship with a new computer-generated design. (We call this Starline 2500, but they plan to market it under another brand yet to be selected.) The first ships will appear in late 2011, and ships will then follow every month or two. This will include some entirely new ships. It may also, from time to time, including special limited-production (minor variant) ships available only for a short time, or as part of special offers.

This is truly exciting news. New production ships will be fancier, and those in the vocal and vociferous minority who constantly complained that our ships were “not good enough for the modern market” will get his wish. Everyone who has an extensive collection can keep it, or perhaps slowly replace it with new designs. (The existing 2400 line could be used for Early Years if you want, or the new 2500 designs could be used for X-ships.)

These ships will be done in resin using 1-3125 scale.