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ADB tentative release schedule

Amarillo Design Bureau have posted a tentative release schedule for the first half of 2011. From their announcement:
This data is preliminary. We are scrambling to fill in the blanks, but wanted you to have the information we have available at this time. January Federation Commander Reference Rulebook Sixth Edition: We are busily integrating the rules updates and new rules in this rulebook, and will thereafter update the various FC products. The changes are minor and cosmetic (all of them are listed on the website and well known to players), and need not inspire you to fire sale the existing stock. Stock #4020, $14.95. February Star Fleet Battles Module C3A: Andromedan Threat File: This will be a book (no counters are needed) containing rules and ships. The basic idea is that Star Fleet Intelligence made a lot of guesses about the Andromedans, and all of the "wrong, but fun to play" guesses are included here. Stock #5635, $TBA.
March Federation Admiral: This will be a very large book of campaign rules, designed to work with Federation Commander, but they will also work with Starmada and Star Fleet Battles. Stock #4080, $TBA. April Star Fleet Marines: Assault: This is the first of a new product line, showcasing the ground combat aspects of the universe. Transporters, armored vehicles, ambushes, and lots more. Stock #2101, $TBA. May Captain's Log #43: This will be the next issue in our best-selling product series. Stock #5743, $TBA. June-Origins Federation Commander: Transports Attacked: The next module in the FC game system covers tugs and other transports, and the battles they get into. Stock #4109, $29.95. Federation & Empire: ISC WAR: The long-awaited expansion to F&E which brings in the first new empire in two decades. Extensive history and scenarios. Stock #3213, $TBA. Star Fleet Battles Module E3: Borak Star League: This "E-module" was done by one of our fans (Jeremy Gray, who in his spare time commands a US Navy destroyer) and describes a new empire (beyond the Lyrans and Hydrans). The Borak were wiped out before they could become a threat, but what a threat they would have been! Stock #7103, $TBA. Distant Armada, the fourth book in our Starmada series, covering the Hydrans, Lyrans, and WYNs. Stock #6104, $16.95.