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ADB Origins releases

Amarillo Design Bureau have posted a list of releases that they should have available at Origins 2011. These products will ship July 5th, 2011 with mail orders being sent on July 12th, 2011. F&E ISC War The long-missing major empire comes to Federation & Empire as the Inter-Stellar Concordium arrives to keep the peace. Over a thousand counters, a massive scenario, complete Order of Battle, new rules. Stock #3210, $47.95 FC: Transports Attacked Tugs and fleet transports are here with supplies for the Federation Commander on the go. Sixteen Ship Cards and ten new scenarios, but you don't need any new rules. Stock #4109, $29.95 Starmada: Distant Armada The fourth book in our Starmada series brings in four new factions: the Hydran Kingdom, WYN Cluster, Lyran Empire, and the Lyran Democratic Republic. Five new weapons, several new optional combat maneuvers, and dozens of new ships. Stock #6104, $16.95 Starship Aldo A 16-page adventure for Prime Directive with weapons and characters for PD20M and GURPS plus deck plans of the Aldo. Well, ok, you're not sure what ship it is. Is it the Geraldo Rivera, the Waldorf Astoria, or the Aguinaldo? Suit up and go find out. Stock #8997, $3.00