ADB announce Fight For A Cure

Amarillo Design Bureau have announced an online charity gaming tournament called Fight For A Cure.

From their announcement:

Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc. will be hosting its first on-line charity tournament (for Star Fleet Battles, using our SFBOL online game agent) this October. It will be known as Fight For A Cure.  All entry fees ($10 per person) will be sent to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

Amarillo Design Bureau, Inc., invites and encourages the entire adventure game (war game, RPG, CCG, etc.) industry to host similar events this October and every October, and offers them the free use of the title Fight For A Cure and the logo. (Feel free to use, not use, change, improve, or replace the logo.) ADB, Inc., makes no claim to be “running” an industry-wide campaign, and any company that supports the fight against breast cancer is welcome to do so in whatever manner they choose, and to donate money to any appropriate charity of their choice. Other companies do not have to use the title Fight For A Cure or the logo if they don’t want to, but it is hoped that a grass-roots industry-wide “movement” under a single title would have a notable impact.

Sign-ups for the event began on 11 October, and will continue through October 20th. The entry fee can be paid through the shopping cart, which also has a way that you can donate to Fight For A Cure without playing in the event.

The Tournament Format will be the usual single-elimination tree, but those eliminated will automatically re-enter (no additional fee) as long as first-round seats are available. This will be a sanctioned Rated Ace tournament. ADB, Inc. will provide a prize of $50 in merchandise credit for the winner. All players and donors will receive an honor bar on their page of the Wall of Honor. Noted artist Dale McKee has offered to custom-paint a Starline 2400 miniature of the winner’s ship and send it to him.