Ad Astra release new Honor Harrington supplement

SB3-Cover.jpgAd Astra Games have released a new supplement, The Short Victorious War, for their Saganami Island Tactical Simulator rules.

From their announcement:
In the universe of Honor Harrington, size matters. Ship Book 3: The Short Victorious War for Saganami Island Tactical Simulator brings the dreadnoughts and superdreadnoughts of the Honorverse to your gaming table, with full class history write-ups, game stats, and a range of scenarios covering the opening phases of the Havenite-Manticore war.

The 44-page setting book covers everything from a compendium of the Honors and Medals of the Star Kingdom of Manticore to technical discussions of how armor works against the nigh-incalculable energies of Honorverse weapons, a doctrinal overview of the Havenite Republic’s strategic aims, and a complete Order of Battle and naval Analysis of the Battle of Hancock.

Order The Short Victorious War from our online store. (Check out the list of the ships and the goodies in the package while you’re there.)