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Ad Astra has new setting for Squadron Strike and Colonial Battlefleet

Ad Astra has a new setting for their Squadron Strike and Colonial Battlefleet systems: Star's Reach.

From the announcement:

Ad Astra Games proudly announces Star's Reach, a new setting for Squadron Strike and Colonial Battlefleet. The Star's Reach line includes ships statted out for both games, plenty of scenarios, extensive background to inspire your own games, and a new line of miniatures.

Star's Reach may be old school space opera—with a human task force stuck in a situation that's far more dangerous and convoluted than they'd originally thought it would be—but it's not simplistic or cliché-ridden. While the main setting book is told from the perspective of the Koreth Imperium's officers and politicians, the political situation is subtle, and nuanced.

We've gone out of our way to make the aliens in the setting more textured than Star Trek "humans with funny noses." The Koreth culture grows logically out of their biology, much the same way human culture grows out of the needs of small hunter gatherer tribes in an Ice Age. This results in an attempt to "Make me a creature that thinks as well as a man, but differently."