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Ad Astra Games Changing Map Sizes and Components

Ad Astra Games does a little switching on their website.

We are reprinting the paper map sheets for all of our boxed games - our new printer required the map sheets to shrink, which means that they will not be edge to edge compatible with the old ones. If you want to purchase old copies of the white map sheets, please email to make a purchase.

The next print run of the Squadron Strike cards will be in red-blue, along with a switch to red-blue tilt block sets and red-blue sets of acrylic flight bases. If you're interested in getting one of the last sets of red-green tilt blocks or red-green flight bases, contact to talk to Scott or Sam.

We are also restocking dice - all of the games will be getting four dice of three different colors after this restock. Some games will be getting a few dice shipped as loose dice in the box, not bagged as a set. Please look carefully for the loose items.