ACW Sharp Practice battle report posted

TooFatLardies have posted a battle report using the American Civil War playtest rules based on their Sharpe Practice Napoleonic rules.

From their website:

Another playtest of ACW Sharp Practice and a really fun game. At last Jebbediah has equipped his force with modern rifles (which should please some people!) but he has paid a price in blood. More importantly we got to see the Rebels using their smoothbore muskets to good effect, large formations firing buck and ball at close range are hard hitters. From a rule writing perspective we are finding that the system is pretty much complete now, the Bonus Deck is adding a lot to the game, players are using their card hand to best effect now, Pickens’ charge was aided by the timely playing of the “Stonewall” card to rally the men into good order followed by a “Crashing Volley” card and a “Rebel Yell” card that allowed them to make their attack with maximum effect. “Dutch” Kapp was saved by “The Good Book” card.

More fun in the valley next week when, we hope, Lieutenant Bouldermeir will discover more about the lovely Miss Angel Delight.