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Actress-Director unlocked, Mystery Man revealed and more

Hobby World made it through more stretch goals in their Hollywood Kickstarter campaign and added the Actress-Director to the game box.

Actress Director


From the update:

A fresh new stretch goal is unlocked in Hollywood! Actress-Director joins Hollywood movie-making team!

Actress/Director is a Star card. Thos card can become one of the most wanted additions to any movie-making crew. Actress/Director gives you maximum benefit if you were able to get the card before drafting. Having this card from the very beginning of the round will help you to be flexible about your future picks at drafting and auction.

Actress/Directors are not unusual in real life. We have asked you to name your favorites at our Facebook page and we quickly got your response: Diane Keaton, Drew Barrymore, Jodie Foster, Angelina Jolie (well, sometimes directing by these great stars was not perfect in our opinion, but to each his own).
Now, Nikolay Pegasov, Hollywood’s author, is a movie buff. When we asked, whom he had in mind as the Actress/Director, he immediately named Ida Lupino. She is truly a classic movie legend. Ida Lupino was one of the first actresses to direct a movie and she has two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Our artist, Uildrim, was inspired by Ida Lupino, when she was creating the art for Actress/Director card.