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Action Phase Games Merging With Indie Boards and Cards

Action Phase Games' most-known game is Heroes Wanted where you take two different cards and create your superhero from them. Well, now Action Phase Games and Indie Boards and Cards are merging like those two cards to create a new superhero. Or maybe they're just becoming a bigger gaming company as they work together. That could be the case, too.

Most of the games that are created will fall under the Indie Boards and Cards label. However, Action Phase Games isn't simply being absorbed and going away. That brand will still handle Heroes Wanted, as well as certain other products.

"Having experienced tremendous growth over the past seven years, Indie Boards and Cards was at a critical point," said Travis Worthington, CEO of Indie Boards and Cards. "I just couldn’t keep up with our existing business and continue to grow the company without bringing on a very talented group of game designers and developers. Travis R. Chance and Nick Little are excellent additions, with a proven track record of making great games and providing great convention coverage and customer support. Together we are going to be unstoppable!"

"I am very excited to be working within Indie Boards and Cards," said Travis R. Chance, Director of Product Development & Marketing at Indie Boards and Cards. "We now have access to financial resources and market reach that we never had before and are looking to expand the number and quality of games we release each year. Ever since the news of merger discussions started to spread, we've been seeing a lot more game designs from both established and first-time game designers."