Action Phase Games Launches Retreat to Darkmoor Kickstarter

If it just weren't for those meddling heroes, the evil forces of Darkmoor would've been able to take over Capital City. Unfortunately, yeah... might heroes just had to do what mighty heroes tend to do. Now the evil forces are racing back to Darkmoor, trying to get whatever cover they can. It's a heroic game of hide and seek. As a master of evil for Darkmoor, you've gotta hide, and hopefully the heroes don't seek you out! That's the story behind Retreat to Darkmoor, Action Phase Games' latest project that's up on Kickstarter now.

In the game, players are overlords of Darkmoor in control of legions of monsters. Unfortunately, your bid for power didn't work out so well and now your creatures are trying to get back to Darkmoor so they can hide. Minions that escape will add to your victory point total. But there's no honor among dark overlords, and so each minion you lose is worth points to your opponent. Get the most points at the end and you may live to assault Capital City sometime in the future.

The campaign just got underway today and is set to run for another 26 days.

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