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Action Phase Games Launches Dreamwell Kickstarter

Action Phase Games has teamed up with illustrator Tara McPherson to bring you Dreamwell, their latest game over on Kickstarter. Tara is world-renown for her art, which has a sort of childish charm to it. Plus, one looks kinda like a polar bear (and none of them look like walruses) so I'm sold.


In the game, players maneuver around a 4x4 grid of tiles, looking to help their friends escape the Dreamwell. They do this by rotating tiles to create pathways on the board, change tiles on the board, or (if they have cards in hand that match tiles on the board) find their friends. Sometimes it's good to get caught up in a dream. But this isn't one of those times, apparently.

The Kickstarter campaign just launched and is set to run for another 30 days.