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Action Games Miniatures taking post-Kickstarter orders on their website for Drake

Action Games Miniatures had a lot of success with their Drake Kickstarter the second time around. They know not everyone might have been able to partake in the event, so have started taking pre-orders on their website as well for any who may have missed out.

From the announcement:

Hey everyone!

WOW what an incredible Kickstarter! Thank you all so very much for such an amazing experience!

In response to requests from the public AGM will be offering a PAY PAL page which will still give you the same options as our Kickstarter for a limited time, ending on May 3rd.

Check out our Kickstarter page if you wish to become a Dragon General and summon deadly creatures! Or want to add some unique and incredible models to you collection. All our Kickstarter deals and stretch goals will stand until the 3rd of May ONLY.

Here is the page on our website you can order from, there are great graphics there but our kickstarter page has the best info and details (and the deals still stand till the 3rd even tho its over!)