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Action Games Miniatures revamps Drake, relaunches Kickstarter campaign

Action Games Miniatures has regrouped, refocused, retooled, reevaluated and relaunched their Drake miniatures game on Kickstarter.
Round 2... Fight!

From the announcement:

Drake is a 28mm true scale miniature skirmish game featuring ancient dragons who have risen from a protective sleep to find themselves in a changed world. After The Great Awakening, different species of dragons migrated across the continent of Dara and quickly subjugated the local inhabitants through conquest, diplomacy and trickery. As their armies of beastly creatures, humanoid allies and dark spellcasters grew so did their thirst for battle. Dara erupts into war as the dragons fight for dominance and resources.

Our game uses an original set of game rules. You select the abilities of your Dragon Leaders from a library of spell cards, and play from a starting hand of 7 cards. Numerous enhancements, fireblasts and chants are all yours to command. These cards are available in an open format allowing you to know what you're getting. Totally customize your deck, and build an incredible strategy. Drake uses completely new fantasy creatures and concepts. This is a fast-paced game with a small model count that rewards tactics, nerves of steel and quick responsive actions – especially on your opponent's turn!

A new world beckons.