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Action Games Miniatures previews new Drake Stretch Goals

Action Games Miniatures has some more stretch goals up on their Drake II Kickstarter campaign. They've got 10 days left to break through a couple of them.


From the campaign:

In the breeding chambers of the Kaymayuk capital city Great Mystics Dragons endlessly experiment with creating new living weapons. Aided by subservient priests and priestesses these chambers are the birthplace of both horror and wonder. In one litter of joined jaguars there was created an amazing mutation, a mighty cat with the wings and claws if an eagle. As the Saan Dragon overseeing the birthing moved to destroy the failed experiment, one priestess, Akra, begged mercy for the creature. She claimed to have a vision of its creation and of it bringing glory to their people. The Dragon was amused by this and bound the beast to Akra's mind. Now she must fight on the front lines to prove her chosen beasts value, and strikes with deadly precision against the enemies of The Great Mystics.