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Action Games Miniatures previews Ghast The Alchemist, and Son for Drake

Action Games Miniatures gives us another look at a 3D render for Drake. This one is for Ghast the Alchemist and son.

From the preview:

Heres a quick look at our first “Un-aligned” model which can be available to any Force.

Fleeing the destruction of his mountain tribe this brilliant but brooding creature sells his services to the highest bidder. Poison weapons, intoxicating brews that make even the meekest troops fight like lions, and clouds of static charged smoke make him well worth the money!

There will be some changes to pose and positioning before we cast this bad boy. As with several of our infantry sized models we have displayed lately, this pose is not totally finalized. (however the final won’t be too wildly different, no hand stands for this fellow!)