Action Games Miniatures posts up video of new models for Drake

By Polar_Bear
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Dec 8th, 2012

Action Games Miniatures continues their campaign over on Indiegogo to fund Drake. To help out, they’ve got a video up of what they’ve been working on behind-the-scenes.

From the update:

WERE BACK! Action Games took a short break to produce a ton of new sculpts as well as a new video with more details about our game. People have wanted to see more about our world and we are happy to provide it! Here is our new Promo video, please check out our Indiegogo for LOTS of new sculpts, HUGE New Starter Boxs, and great new art.

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  • jedijon

    Maybe lead with the sculpts and the stuff rather than an extended head-shot.

  • Ya I know its a lot of me talking. People were really clear they wanted a talking head rules / details vid so thats what we did… (for better or worse…) Hopefully people look at the Indiegogo as all our stuff is there. Going to have some finished models very soon, cant wait to post them!

  • Brodee

    I’m torn.

    I really want to get into something like this and have always believed something like this was possible and could be successful. Unfortunately I haven’t seen someone pull it of right yet.

    Everything seems in place but a gameplay walkthrough or a demo game video, perhaps broken up into smaller videos.
    I need to see this in action before laying down the money, for something that honestly hasn’t been done yet.

    Few other concerns are the 100 price point for the starter , but I could manage if i believe in it.

    Also the game using tape measure where I would think something of this type would be more suited for a large grid system of some type, as it already has cards your going to want to keep in your hand a lot too.

    I just need to be sold with gaming, and while the first video has got my interest, it hasn’t done the job of taking my money.

    /CrossesFingers Here’s hopin

  • Hey there! Thanks for your comment.

    I couldn’t agree more, we need to show you all a game, the sooner I can showcase it the better. We are getting some serious prelim prints on Monday, and it will be possible to have a game with mini’s fairly soon.

    However I have a question for you (or anyone else who is reading) If we produced a great HD vid Battle Report using bases with graphic images (printed pics representing the units on standard bases) rather then test models would that work for you? Our terrain, beta test cards, and graphics are all awesome. As simply a promotional demo, what do you think? (we could have this out much faster…)

    Thanks all, hit us back with any questions or comments.


    • Brodee

      Appreciate your responses here on this board. I personally would believe a demo game with simple printed cards, and tokens representing the miniatures would be just fine.
      Gamers are going to understand you are trying to raise money to get things going, so having placeholders for things is to be expected.

      Its the gameplay, for me, that needs to be seen. Show the turn sequence, the way the ccg cards are mixed with the miniature play, how quick the game can move, some of the FUN aspects of the game, how it all works together that makes your game work where others have failed.

      And I agree with the other users comments being able to play both a grid version of the game and a non would be stellar.
      Where the other user sees grid games and cheap, I think of something thats easier for new users to get into and something a little more user friendly.
      Sometimes the measuring tape immediately gets the reaction of hard core , and I know plenty of people that have not tried good games just because it wasn’t “their type” of game, just to flip the coin.
      The ability to play both would be amazing.

      I look forward to seeing what comes out in the gameplay vid. Thanks!

      • jedijon

        If the cards – as I suspect they must – randomize your choice of TACTICAL options; then there’s no need to wait. Wizards has an excellent (and well balanced) game ‘Dungeon Command’ that already blends cards and minis. It’s on a grid, as you expressed interest in above, and unfortunately for Drake I dare say it beats them to the punch with their proclamation of being the first CCG/minis game…although I hope I’m not just being uncharitable to what I felt was the most unnecessary aspect of the ramp-up here!

        More on-topic. I’d say this is a rhetorical question. What possible difference could a few days make?

        • blkdymnd

          With incredibly horrible looking, badly prepainted sculpts. At least Action has taken pride in some great looking models.

  • I find the idea interesting.
    I like the look of many of the minis- some interesting & different looks there, but something about the terracotta plastic color might be making it hard for me see the detail. The slim smooth dragon is interesting, but it does look small and frail compared to the big dragon.

    responding to some of the ideas and questions above:

    Please do not make the game a grid-mat game. Unless it has rules to be played on a regular tabletop battlefield as well. When I see the paper or vinyl grid games my emotional response is ‘cheap’. I enjoy minis for the aesthetics of the game as much as for the rules, so the look of play like D&D minis, Hero Clicks, etc doesn’t appeal to me. That’s just my personal opinion, I’m sure others don’t mind the look of those games. But for the price entry of this I’d expect more quality visuals than what comes with those type of games. For example Dust, I wasn’t interested in Dust tactics, but liked the minis, but was willing to give Dust warfare a try because of the aesthetics.

    I’d like to see a battle report, even if without the minis, but eventually seeing with the minis would be better- as long as you produce a battle report without minis with stating you’re working toward doing some later when more minis are available I don’t see how it could count against you.

    I do like the sound of the cards being used for the dragon’s spell casting and abilities, but have to admit the term ‘collectible’ does make me shy away. Long ago I got in and quickly out, of Magic because of the arms race and expense where the one who spent the most money had the best chances. When I hear ‘collectible’ I think ‘money-sink’ and it is going to make me hesitate, so I’d want to know what kind of balance there would be between universal and collectible cards, and have a sense of what the continued arms-race type commitment would be. For some reason I have no qualms about spending money for new miniatures, I feel like I am getting something, but if I feel I have to worry about being out-spent for cards that make my dragon miniature not as effective as someone else’s dragon miniature that is essentially the same, and in the same game it would cause me to back off before I get into the game, or if already in the game and feeling forced to keep up with the power race, I’d feel extorted. Not meant as a slam, just explaining the caution. It’s a complicated balance, so I’m curious and interested to see how you’ll handle it.

  • I think you’ll find that a lot of miniature gamers are going to shy away from anything collectible. Unfortunately, count me out, even though the a lot of the model concepts look cool and stunning.

    Get rid of the CCG aspect and allow me to build a deck without that being a part of the game.

    I hope things go well and you reach your funding goal. I want to see these models.

    • Hey guys!

      Thanks very much for your comments. I know my video is pretty long… and I am a total windbag… but there is a bit in the Video on how were selling cards that addresses both of your concerns.

      Our Primary decks and expansions are being sold in an “open format” (to quote a bit from the vid) what this means is that if you buy a pack or box of cards you know what is in the pack you are getting. (EX= Pack “A” has 5 direct damage cards, 3 counter spells and 2 life draining cards.)

      We have a long term goal of selling cards in pre-selected packs (you pic the cards,) but because we would have to do a much higher print run, this is not possible at the moment, (not too far off tho…)

      You do design the deck and style that you prefer, you can even have several, it totally changes the entire game dynamic by just changing your deck.

      Our goal is not to have you buy and compete with massive card lists, but to use cards in a new way that makes a really unique and fun game. That is how we want to get you!

      Our first deck has VERY few overpowered cards (and the ones that are very powerful can beat you up as well as your opponent) they compliment the models on the board. Selection is important of course, but really it is your overall strategy that is going to make you win.

      Look I am seeing we HAVE to get a game video to everyone ASAP, I know that if you all saw a game you would be totally stoked. (maybe a few ‘Awwwww….. I know what he means now…..” moments too 😉

      Have a great night everyone (dark here in Canada) Keep the questions and comments coming, Happy to answer!


      • If that’s the case, why call it CCG, or am I missing something more?

  • jonbowen234

    I really think you’d be better off doing something similar to an LCG format then a CCG format. I don’t know the logistics of it but providing 3 of each card and giving us like 12 -20 new cards per pack would be great. It might work better financially to release larger packs of cards. I don’t want to go hunting for cards and play the money game. Your setup could work really great with model releases every month and a new card pack. Once a quarter, you release a new faction or expand on a faction with a larger expansion set including models (maybe a new Drake) and a set of cards.

    This might be something similar to what you have planned. I really don’t understand the term “Open Format”. Do you get 5 random damage, 3 random counter, and 2 random life drain cards? That doesn’t appeal to me. If you had packs A-F for a specific faction and each pack had 10 cards with fixed contents then I think it would work a lot better. Toss another unique spell card in with each model as well. So you get it’s summon card and another spell. That will promote the collect them all aspect a bit more and move more miniatures.

  • blkdymnd

    +1 for LCG format

  • Same as above : i’d prefer a LCG. Though I love the minis, the entry price is a bit expensive … but OK if you consider the stuff and the presence of a big miniature. Alas my wallet has already been depleted by previous KSs and christmass gifts… :o))
    I alway appreciate deals with 2 factions included (i-e : 2 starters) here the first interesting deal includes 3 factions and is far above how much I can pay actually.
    A 2 faction deal is perfect to learn the game and demo it.
    I’ll keep an eye on it anyway when it will hit the shelves in canadian LGS. (Yes that’s another reason to support the game for me ^^)

  • blkdymnd

    I think doing an Indiegogo through Xmas was a struggle. Where KS allows you to pay at the end, IG makes you pay up front. So if you have to run through Xmas, I would have done it on KS and at least had a much bigger potential of supporters to keep it gong through the season.

  • jonbowen234

    This is a fixed funding campaign. It might now require payment till it funds. Something to check on. The flex campaigns require cash up front but this one says no money is exchanged till the campaign is complete.

  • blkdymnd

    Ok, maybe I misunderstood when I was going to pledge. I was going to back, but won’t have it til the campaign nears its end and it looked like it was processing full payment at the pledge.

  • jonbowen234

    They will take all your info but I don’t think the CC gets charged till it is funded successfully. I have no experience with it but thats how Kickstarter does it and I am assuming that IndiGoGo is similar. It’s a pain to refund all the pledged funds if it doesn’t reach the goal.

    Flex campaigns are totally different.

  • blkdymnd

    It’s not. I’ve funded a bunch of Kickstarters. Everything I could tell, Indie was ready to take payment right there. Unless Action can clarify

  • Hey everyone!

    Thank you very much for your comments! It has been a CRAZY day, and I am totally trashed but I will hit you up with as many answers as I can, really what we are doing is very similar to what everyone here is suggesting. This is quite encouraging as it makes me see that we just need to get the information clearly out to people as best we can.

    1- Our “open format” means that you will know EXACTLY which cards you are purchasing, no random element. (Example: Pack “A” includes: Flash, Doom sayer, Wind Barrier, and etc…)

    2- We have done many things right but have made a few slips regarding terminology I feel here. Our sales and packaging format is very much a LCG. I think we just painted things with a CCG label unfortunately (trendy term.) You are aware of the cards you are buying, and what comes in every pack/box. It has never been our intent to make this a “Black hole money pit” (like a certain “Magical” card game I know) but a game that uses really fun and unique elements to attract players. Really our cards are not the big money maker here, they are the thing that makes our game different and really enjoyable… (need to get battle report video out f**king SOON! It will solve so many questions.)

    3- DRAKE box ($50) is really the one player starter box. Our “Starter Box’s” are more like army box’s, they include way more models then you would be using in a regular game. Once again we may have made a mistake with the terminology… (Great models and rules… could have used more accurate terms….)

    4- I am falling asleep while typing this, stoked to see many people interested in our game. Please forgive me if this msg misses a few beats. An update regarding our proper 1 player boxs (DRAKE boxs fer 50 bucks) will be out to TGN shortly.

    Ok time for sleep and more posts tomorrow! Thanks everyone!


  • jonbowen234

    Thanks for the update! LCG is a trademark of FFG so be careful using that terminology. CCG doesn’t really work either. It’s not collectible. It’s just a really cool card game/wargame hybrid. Maybe coin the term MCG. Miniatures & Cards Game. I’m sure someone can come up with a better acronym.

    Also if anyone hasn’t seen the other video in the gallery on the indigogo page then watch it. It’s really good. Lots of art work and a few short interviews. A few quick edits and it would make a much better front page video. The longer one is great but is a bit too long and crunchy. So put that in your description. The game play video will really help as well.

  • jonbowen234

    Oh and get some sleep! This of course coming from the guy who is still up working and will be till well after midnight.