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Action Games Miniatures launched Drake webstore

Action Games Miniatures has opened up their webstore for Drake, their fantasy miniatures game.

Drake Webstore


From the announcement:

Drake is a fantasy miniature wargame where each player fields an army led by a powerful dragon. The game is played with 28 mm miniatures, with massive dragon models as centrepieces of the army. The human models are true scale, which means that their proportions are not exaggerated or cartoonish, so the dragon models look terrifyingly huge compared to their followers!

The dragon leading your army also supports it by casting spells and summoning monsters! Players can change how their army plays by building a deck of cards that represent the spells their dragon can cast in the game.

Drake will be available in a two-player box that contains two dragons and everything you need to start playing games with a friend. Additional models and accessories can be purchased on the store, with more to come soon!