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Action Games Miniatures has started their Drake Indiegogo campaign

Action Games Miniatures has started the Indiegogo campaign for their minis/ccg hybrid game Drake. Go check them out.

From the campaign:

After months of preparation we are finally ready to present our Indiegogo Campaign! AGM believes this is the best way to showcase our entire project in one big violent package! Our Dragon Wargame utilizes CCG style cards to give our Drakes a massive selection of spells and abilities. Summoned Creatures, buffs and de-buffs, wild spells and blasts of pure energy are all in the cards. Our first deck the “Universe Deck” will be sold in an open format allowing you to pick the exact packs of cards that suit you best. Check out our crazy video and campaign page for lots of art and info.

We hope you enjoy these excellent new concept pieces. Corbrulo, Hellion of the Deep is a deadly summoned creature from the SAAN Dragon force with a host of wild abilities. The Terris is an Assassin creature with only one thing on its mind, killing you (which is a good thing since it is created without a digestive tract and dies after the battle.) Check out our website and new forum for more details, a video detailing rules and game play will be out soon. We hope to have your support making our Dragons come to life!