Action Games Miniatures clears up some questions about their Drake level 4 perk

By Polar_Bear
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Dec 11th, 2012

Action Games Miniatures has been very responsive to the questions and comments to their news posts. Pretty awesome of them. They’ve wanted to give some more detail about their Level 4 purchase level over on Indiegogo.

From the update:

Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments and words of encouragement so far; much appreciated! Our DRAKE box is really the best and most cost effective way to get into our game. For 50 bucks you get 1 huge Dragon, 3 elite troops, a mighty warrior beast, 60 card deck, rules and dice. Our listed “Starter Box’s” are more like army box’s, and include enough models for a sizable game. The combination of models and cards really adds resolution to every move, making games with a few models really enjoyable. Imagine giving the leader of your favorite mini game a customizable spell deck, rather then a fixed list of abilities. Thats what we have done here! Our cards are sold in an open format, meaning that you know which cards are in a pack before you buy. Check our Indiegogo video for more info on game play. Thanks! (Battle report video coming soon…)

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  • Si there a difference beteween the rules provided?
    Drake offers a pdf of the QSR. What will be the differences between full rules and QSR?

  • Is there any difference between the rules provided?*

  • grimbergen

    I live the concept but am still not sold yet. Here are my thoughts on what but I won’t go beyond that and second guess if anyone else is feeling the same. It’s brutally honest, I’ll admit.

    First and most importantly the visuals presented are underwhelming… besides the little card shown in the video which can’t be clearly seen anyway, everything presented so far (that I could find) are CG renders of what looks to be some tweaked stock 3D models or at most very generic looking designs.

    One of the concept artists listed has a personal portfolio that looks fantastic, but why is none of his work for Drake shown?

    Further adding to the stock model feel is that the figures shown so far are in some fairly static poses just standing or taking a walk. Now I don’t expect Corvus Belli Infinity style dynamism, but something more exciting on some of the models, but that leads me to my final comment…

    The cost is not compelling at all. Sure it can be said other manufacturers charge the same or more for a similar quantity of figures, but they are able to either due to having a unique artistic directions, and/or well established IPs, and/or a solid track record of producing high quality products, and/or a solid game with a huge audience. You can’t expect to command the same premium when all that’s shown are a small handful of CG renders.

    Either bring more to the table or lower the prices if you want crowdfunders, or start small and actually produce some models to get the community buzz like Kingdom Death.

  • Hey everyone!

    Thanks for your comments sorry its taken a while for me to get back. I will do my best to answer your questions here.

    The Quick Start rules either PDF or booklet have the same content. Our printing deal recently got better lately and if were funded we will most likely be able to give all model box’s both.
    Shortly after we launched our campaign we were approached by a high end 3D printing organization who is totally in love with the project. This opened up some pretty awesome doors for us and changed the way we can produce our masters. Doing things digitally to start with gives us tons of options regarding positioning. Our artistic lead worked extra overtime to get a bunch of these concepts into 3D to display to everyone. In the beginning all we had was great concept art, we were going to launch our game with this and do more practical sculpting. Actually having prepared 3D sculpts is way more then we anticipated for the beginning! ( still going through some growing pains…)
    I will certainly look at getting our models in the most interesting poses possible before their print. (Thats the good thing about having rigged infantry sculpts, Possibilities!) Last night I got our first prototype and man let me tell you I am impressed. It is our goal to max out the detail level of whet the machine can produce, and give everyone the most interesting models we can.
    We started our campaign early, with high hopes and dreams. Even if we don’t get fully funded this experience has been a great one and we now have all the pieces in place to fully produce our game. I know the best way to launch our crowd-funding would have been with the whole 3 starter sets fully painted, full battle report and quickstart rules for everyone to download but that was beyond our scope in the beginning, now however we are very close!

    Its been trial by fire for sure but this rocky upbringing has really helped us to grow. We really appreciate all the comments and questions, even the negative ones! We want to produce the best game possible and hearing everyones opinions is helping us to do so.

    Thank you!