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Action Games Miniatures clears up some questions about their Drake level 4 perk

Action Games Miniatures has been very responsive to the questions and comments to their news posts. Pretty awesome of them. They've wanted to give some more detail about their Level 4 purchase level over on Indiegogo.

From the update:

Hello everyone, thanks for all your comments and words of encouragement so far; much appreciated! Our DRAKE box is really the best and most cost effective way to get into our game. For 50 bucks you get 1 huge Dragon, 3 elite troops, a mighty warrior beast, 60 card deck, rules and dice. Our listed “Starter Box’s” are more like army box’s, and include enough models for a sizable game. The combination of models and cards really adds resolution to every move, making games with a few models really enjoyable. Imagine giving the leader of your favorite mini game a customizable spell deck, rather then a fixed list of abilities. Thats what we have done here! Our cards are sold in an open format, meaning that you know which cards are in a pack before you buy. Check our Indiegogo video for more info on game play. Thanks! (Battle report video coming soon...)