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Across the Realms Encyclopedia of Adventure #3: New Abilities for Classic Classes

New Realms Publishing has released their Encyclopedia of Adventure #3 wherein they give you new abilities for some of the classic classes in the game.

New Abilities for Classes


From the post:

Across the Realms Encyclopedia of Adventure: New Abilities for Classic Classes is a collection of 40 skills and special abilities to add to your fantasy adventure games. Although these abilities can be used with any role-playing game you need them for, they were designed with the classic, old school fantasy adventure game in mind where the characters may have few, if any, abilities outside those available to the character class. Each ability includes a description and any benefits, such as modifiers and the chance of success, that come with the ability. From Appraisal and Ambush to Tomb Robber and Undead Lore, with these abilities you can add a little something extra to the characters in your classic campaigns.