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Across The Dead Earth Kickstarter underway

Across The Dead Earth has launched their Kickstarter campaign. Go and pledge!


From the campaign:

Across the Dead Earth is a forthcoming Post-Apocalyptic skirmish wargame from Dead Earth Games. Three generations on from The Last War, pockets of survivors and their descendents roam the ghost towns and ruins of humanity, looting and fighting for profit, glory, dominance and their very lives Across the Dead Earth.

Assemble your Gang of deadly warriors and embark on campaigns to win loot, territory or simply glory, as you upgrade your Gang and their equipment from game to game, building a persistent and truly personalised Gang, honed to your style of play.

This Kickstarter campaign is to fund the publication of the rulebook in a colour, illustrated softcover form and the design, sculpt and production of a series of 28mm white metal miniatures