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Acrobatica Infiniti Circus Coming To Gen Con

And now for something completely different.
While much of the focus of Gen Con is on the vendor's hall or maybe the tournaments for your favorite games or the gaming hall with all the demos and open gaming space, there's about a zillion other things that are going on during the weekend. Making a return this year is the Acrobatica Infiniti Circus. It's cool acrobatic acts but with a distinctly nerdy twist.

This year they've got several new acts, on stage at Gen Con for the very first time. They include a soot sprite juggling Totoro, a pole-dancing Aquawoman, and a foot-juggler Kaylee (I believe that's someone that juggles with their feet, and not someone that juggles actual feet... unless they have a sort of Reaver-angle tied into it... dunno).

The show will be in the Westin Grand Ballroom on the 5th, starting at 7pm.

Space will be limited, so get your tickets now.

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