ACPGames website and online store now open

By tgn_admin
In Sci-fi
Aug 6th, 2011

ACPGames (formally know as Artcrime Productions) have opened their website and online store for their 15mm sci-fi miniatures.

From their website:

Well folks after almost two months, its ready. Go check out, Our website is open and ready for your orders.

Our customers spoke and we listened. You wanted us to remove the bases, we did, and because of that change we dropped our prices. Thats right. You read it correctly. Dropped. All Basic infantry are $17.00 (usd) and antitank infantry are now $12.00.

In the coming weeks expect to see a new Valkyrie option, other vehicles and the beginning of our aliens.

So head on over to and register,join the discussions on our forums. Also just to let you know, everyone who orders $100.00 or more gets a free preview copy of our new game Valkyrie.

  • lordofexcess

    Awesome looking stuff but kinda $$$.

  • Chameleon

    They are more reasonably without the bases, but, yes, still on the pricey side (but they look better in person than they do on the site). Even with the rate decrease, I’m on the fence as to whether or not to place a second order to expand my force.