ACPGames Announces New Releases

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Nov 17th, 2011

ACPGames Announces New Releases:

From their announcement:

Acpgames releases it’s new Mechanized Infantry

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  • Grim6

    Looks interesting, but I couldn’t find the scale (after a brief look at the web page). Are these 6mm? 15mm?

  • NeilJHopwood

    They are 15mm. Probably the best 15s I’ve seen. The detail is fantastic.

    Valkyrie (their ruleset) is pretty good too.

  • There are a lot of really good 15mm companies out there right now. Khurasan Miniatures, Critical Mass Games, Rebel Minis, Blue Moon Manufacturing and now ACP Games.

    The resin models (resin wise) is not as good as stuff I have seen from Khurasan Miniatures, Critical Mass Games. ACP is still learning the whole Resin casing process. That said the designs are sound and I think before too long they will have equally as good resin casings.

    The miniatures are certainly as detailed as any of the good 15mm companies out there. The Mercs are IMO pretty darn good. The figures are crisp and well executed.

    The ruleset IMO is probably the best set of rules out there right now for 15mm. Really dynamic and fun.