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Acolyte Miniatures posts preview artwork for The Butcher

Acolyte Miniatures, a brand new minis company, is previewing the concept art for their first ever model, The Butcher.


From the preview:

Acolyte Miniatures is happy to announce that they are launching their range of miniature figures with the release of the stunning horror character The Butcher, the main character in a new short story series called 'The House of Lies and Bones’.

The Butcher will be released as both a 28mm and a 54mm resin cast figure-perfect for both gamers and painters.

The figure will be available for sale directly from Acolyte Miniatures very soon.

To celebrate the launch of the company Acolyte Miniatures has revealed the concept art and turnaround artwork of The Butcher. This artwork gives a good idea of what this menacing, tortured character, with his skin flayed and pierced, will look like when the final sculpt is released.

'The House of Lies and Bones’ is a Victorian Gothic horror series that will be released throughout the coming year as a collection of short stories, which Acolyte Miniatures will be looking to develop as a game in some form in the not too distant future. More figures based on the characters will be released as the stories are produced and 'The House of Lies and Bones’ franchise expands.

Acolyte Miniatures will be producing a number of ranges of miniatures aimed at both the role playing gamers and for model and painting enthusiasts in a variety of genres. As well as producing more figures for 'The House of Lies and Bones’ range Acolytes Miniatures is also currently developing a range of traditional fantasy figures, the first set of which will be revealed shortly.
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