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Acheson Creations Updates Stretch Goal Levels On Kaiju Kaos Kickstarter

Acheson Creations has reconfigured their Kickstarter's stretch goals in order to get them to closer to their current pledge totals, meaning the ability to get them unlocked is right within reach. With just a few more pledges, they should be able to make it through the first of them.
They've still got 11 days in which to make it through as many as possible.

From the update:

Ok. As much as I really want to release this music, I also really want to release new Smackdown mini figures so here's the plan...

#1. I lowered the first Stretch Goal amount to $850.00 (from $900.00). This means I won't make any profit but at least Hydrophone will be made in his robot form.
#2. I posted Stretch Goals #2 & #3 to the main page at $350.00 increments (down from my original $400.00 intent).
#3. Here are the next 3 Stretch Goal possibilities
#4. I have even more designs but they are not ready to be shown publicly (very work-in-progress).
So tell all your friends. Share on social media and forums. Spread the word. Let's Unlock Hydrophone and some of his opponents!