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Acheson Creations Running Dungeon Worlds Kickstarter

Acheson Creations is running a Kickstarter campaign for their new Dungeon Worlds fantasy terrain. These modular, urethane plastic, terrain tiles recreate a fantastic dungeon. There's treasure piles, trap doors, giant mushrooms, mysterious nests and more. They've already made their funding goal and then some, so check out the stretch goals they'll be looking to go through in the next 19 days.


From the campaign:

Over the past 10+ years, Acheson Creations has become a household name in high-quality, inexpensive tabletop wargaming terrain. All of our terrain is designed and produced in house. Our largest non-Historical line of gaming terrain is our Fantasy range that already consists of 100+ items. With this first Dungeon Worlds project, we hope to delve into new and fantastic frontiers while expanding our existing line, all at an extreme savings to you.

As you can see in the introductory video and photos, all of our masters are sculpted and molded. Your support will enable us to take these new designs and put them into production. And as the video mentions, if we reach our initial goal, we have a variety of Stretch Goals in mind including 28mm pewter miniatures and giant monsters. Pledge today!