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Acheson Creations releases Kaiju Kaos Yamabiru, the Giant Subterranean

Acheson Creations gives you the latest in their Kaiju Kaos line with Yamabiru, the Giant Subterranean.

From the release:

Acheson Creations releases a new Kaiju Kaos piece, Yamabiru the Giant Subterranean, priced at $18US.

While only about half the size of a Colossal Subterranean, these giants are no less dangerous. While larger versions enjoy hunting dragons and dinosaurs, Giant Subterraneans prefer attacking humans and small mammals. Because of this, Giant Subterraneans tend to pop up in and around towns or villages but usually steer clear of noisy cities. Yamabiru, the most infamous Giant Subterranean, is known for ingesting entire herds of cattle within minutes and will likely consume anyone or any living thing that tries to stop it.

Designed by Cline Siegenthaler, this 28mm playing piece sits on a 10cm (4 inch) base and is 9.7cm (3 3/4 inches) tall.