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Acheson Creations Releases Ghost Ghoul for Kaiju Kaos

Acheson Creations gives you a new release for Kaiju Kaos in the form of Ghost Ghoul.

Ghost Ghoul painted by Billy Corey


From the release:

Priced at $8USD for an unpainted figurine, originally sculpted by Ean Moody, A Ghost Ghoul is an undead Kaiju. Ghost Ghouls are often found consuming human flesh in graveyards or in deserts. Desert-dwelling Ghost Ghouls are shape-shifting demons that can assume the guise of an animal, usually a hyena. They lure unwary people into the desert wastes or abandoned places to slay and devour them. The creatures also prey on young children, drink blood, steal coins, and eat the dead, and then take the form of the person most recently eaten.

The Ghost Ghoul is designed for play with other 28mm (1:56 scale) gaming miniatures and feature a slotta tab requiring a base (not included).