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Acheson Creations presents two new Zaiju Kaos monsters - Gourdzilla & Son of Gourdzilla

Acheson Creations gives you more monster-y goodness with the release of Gourdzilla and Son of Gourdzilla.

From the release:

Along with a massive new Kaiju mercenary "Gourdzilla", Acheson is releasing a combo pack combined with the existing "Son of Goudzilla" at a $20 savings.

Designed by Cline Siegnethaler, Gourdzilla is approximately 11 inches tall and comes with an integral 8 inch diameter base. Gourdzilla is a colossal-sized kaiju designed for use in Kaiju Kaos - The Miniatures Game.

Gourdzilla is the corporeal form of the Spirit of Halloween, sometimes called Samhain after the Gaelic harvest festival held on October 31. Shortly after the Rift, the Spirit of Halloween awoke from the grave and took the form of Gourdzilla. The Colossal Kaiju is the archenemy of Triunedon and prefers to fight alone, although he can call on Son of Gourdzilla when needed.

Heads up -
Bryan "Stratos" Borgman will be at COIL Con ( this weekend and Gourdzilla will be for sale there as well.