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Acheson Creations presents four new items in our American Frontier Line – Wigwams in 28mm.

Acheson Creations has four new Wigwam sets available over in their webshop.


From the release:

This is our first release of products from our initial American Frontier Kickstarter project. The Wigwams have now been shipped to all pledge levels and are now available on our web page. They can be purchased as a boxed set or separately.

Thank you to everyone who pledged to our Kickstarter project and you are all now permanently listed on our company web page. Again thank you for your support and patience.

Some of our American Frontier supporters are planning to use the wigwams in their Vikings vs Skraelings battles, Dungeons & Dragons games, and elsewhere besides "traditional" North American history.

We are pleased to announce our second Kickstarter campaign – Kaiju Kaos: Super Robot StratoMaxx which is open to subscriptions through October 8.
Please check it out on Kickstarter.