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Acheson Creations presents Bothrea the Tentacle Monster for Kaiju Kaos

Acheson Creations has released their next monster for Kaiju Kaos: Bothrea the Tentacle Monster.

From the release:

Bothrea is a giant-sized kaiju designed for use in Kaiu Kaos – The Miniatures Game.

Priced at $10USD and sculpted by Cline A. Siegenthaler, this 3-inch (80mm) tall piece comes with an integral 3-inch (80mm) diameter base.

Bothrea the Tentacle Monster is a supernatural minion of Cthulhu. Apart from its long, poisonous tentacles, no one has ever survived to describe what the giant kaiju looks like under the soil. Bothrea travels by burrowing and has been encountered on every continent on Earth. The Tentacle Monster’s origin is unknown but it has appeared in myths since the dawn of time.

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