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Acheson Creations Launches New Kaiju Kaos Kreatures - Z–bomination Soldier Packs

Acheson Creations has some new zombie abominations and Kaiju now available over in their webshop.


From the announcement:

Sculpted by Bryan K. Borgman and priced at $5.00USD for each pack of two creatures, these Kaiju Kreatures are ready to take a bite out of your gaming world. As described by Byron -

"For unknown reasons, some creatures infected by Serum Z evolve beyond “typical” walkers and biters. These evolutionary mutants are known as Z-bominations. They often have limbs of unnatural length or weapons grafted into their decaying flesh. Many Z-bominations exhibit heightened special abilities, and some have natural weaponry such as acid or poison breath and large, bony spikes.

Z-bomination Soldiers Packs are “Undead” conversions of other Kaiju Kaos miniatures. These models require a slotta base for deployment (not provided)."

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