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Acheson Creations headed to Historicon and G-Fest XX

Acheson Creations will be headed to shows in Virginia and Chicago as they go to Historicon and G-Fest XX, respectively. Stop by. Say, "Hi." Give 'em hugs. Tell them I sent you.

From the announcement:

In the meantime, while Craig is in the shop moulding and casting, I will be running our trade stand at the following shows:

G-Fest XX - July 12-14 in Chicago (listed as vendor: Kaiju Kaos). I will be focusing primarily on my colossal monster game but will have some of our most popular Accessories and 20th Century terrain for sale as well as 28mm Strykers and more.

Historicon - July 18-21 in Fredericksburg, VA. I will have a wide variety of our WW1 & WW2, Dark Ages, Colonial, American Frontier (pre-Kickstarter), Fantasy, Sci-Fi, 20th Century terrain and more. I will also have our All Things Zombie, Kaiju Kaos, Primaeval Designs, 5150, Dept 40, and Altera miniatures for sale as well as our popular Accessories bins.

If you're in the area for either of these shows, please stop by!