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Acheson Creations Announces New 14/7 Membership Discount Club

Acheson Creations announces New 14/7 Membership Discount Club,and releases its first Special-For-Members product - the Log Cabin Ruin:

From their website:

Acheson Creations announces two things - #1 they have formed a membership discount club, the 14/7 Club which offers a 20% discount on all unpainted products ordered from the website and from the Acheson booth at upcoming shows and conventions. Membership is $30 per year.

#2, Acheson Creations announces the arrival of the first in a special class of products with special pricing for 14/7 Club members, the Log Cabin Ruin priced at $14.00USD to the general public but $7USD for 14/7 Club members. Acheson Creations will release a minimum of three 14/7 special products each year which provide savings beyond the 20% on all unpainted products.

The piece is 12.5cm (5" inches) long, 10cm (4 inches) wide, 10.5cm
(4 1/2 inches) tall, and is modeled in 28mm (1:56 scale).