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Acheson Creations American Frontier Kickstarter Update #5: Become a Chieftain

Acheson Creations updated their American Frontier terrain Kickstarter with the new Chieftain pledge level.

From the update:

We're less than $500.00 from our goal and we're offering a new pledge level... Chieftain!

Pledge $300.00 or more and get one of everything on the list PLUS one of every American Frontier item that we release between June 3 2013 and December 31, 2014.

Get 1 of everything means: Receive -
1 Small Sioux Tepee (AF321),
1 Timber Blockhouse w/ Plank Roof (AF328),
1 Timber Barn w/ Plank Roof (AF329),
1 Square Timber Well (AF330),
1 Timber Warehouse w/ Plank Roof (AF331),
1 Horizontal Timber Fort Set (AF332),
1 Bark covered Wigwam (AF336),
1 Reed-Mat covered Wigwam (AF337),
1 Timber Cabin on Stone Foundation (AF338),
1 Iroquois Ganosote Longhouse (AF339),
1 Reed-Mat & Bark covered Wigwam (AF340),
1 Year Membership in our 14/7 Club, 1 of every unlocked stretch goal items,
AND 1 of every new American Frontier items we release between June 3, 2013-December 31, 2014!
US shipping included. International orders add $20.00.

What new American Frontier items are slated for release before December 31, 2014?

The first offerings will be each of the advertised Stretch Goal items with the exception of the two Long Rifle books by 2 Hour Wargames. Even if they don’t get Unlocked as Stretch Goal items during pledging, we will put them into production and release them as part of our growing American Frontier terrain catalog.

Chieftain level supporters will receive, upon release -
the English Longhouse (AF307),
the Jail (AF322),
the Saloon (AF323),
and any metal American Frontier miniatures we release during the designated time – shipped for free!