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Acheson Creations 20-40% Sale Happening Now

Who doesn't love saving money? Maybe people who have more of it than they know what to do with, but I don't know anyone like that. I certainly love saving money. So that's why I'm always on the lookout for sales. Well, Acheson Creations is having themselves a sale. Everything in their webshop is 20% off. And, if you're one of their 14/7 Club members, that goes up to 40% off. Sign me up!

From the announcement:

Acheson Creations' "Great Deals not in Kickstarter" sale runs through September 28. Everything on our website will be 20% off, and 40% off for our 14/7 Club Members.

Some customers don’t like Kickstarters, here is your chance to get special pricing on some of our newest releases from recent Kickstarter campaigns - and everything else too.

Join Our 14/7 Club and receive 40% off of list prices for the sale, then 20% off everything in the store after the sale is over - plus 50% on selected 14/7 products.