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Achescon Creations posts add-ons and stretch goals in Wargaming Terrain Kickstarter

Acheson Creations has updated their Kickstarter with add-ons and some stretch goals.

From the update:

We’re over half-way to our initial goal and we still have 25 days to go! Thank you!

Here's a look at the wood master of the Horizontal Timber Fort Gate. The gate features two playing levels, a removable roof, and opening doors! This item is part of the Wolf Level ($52.00) and can also be purchased separately.

Some of you have asked whether you could add-on multiples of items to your existing pledge; I’m happy to announce that you can! And at a discount! We’re even throwing in a couple of our American Frontier items into the mix at a discount off their online retail price. If you would like to add any of the following items to your pledge, please be sure to include the product code and quantity desired in the Comments section of your pledge manager. Please note that these add-on items are only available to supporters at the $12.00 Tortoise level or higher.

AF317: Large Sioux Teepee = $16.00 each
AF320: Beached Canoe Scene = $3.00 each
AF321: Small Sioux Teepee = $8.00 each
AF328: Timber Blockhouse w/ Plank Roof = $32.00 each
AF329: Timber Barn w/ Plank Roof = $22.00 each
AF330: Square Timber Well = $2.00 each
AF331: Timber Warehouse w/ Plank Roof = $27.00 each
AF332: Horizontal Timber Fort Set = $50.00 each
AF333: Horizontal Timber Fort – Straight Wall Section = $4.00 each
AF334: Horizontal Timber Fort – Corner Wall Section = $4.00 each
AF335: Horizontal Timber Fort – Gate = $13.00 each
AF336: Bark Covered Wigwam = $15.00 each
AF337: Reed-Mat Covered Wigwam = $15.00 each
AF338: Timber Cabin on Stone Foundation = $32.00 each
AF339: Small Iroquois Ganosote Longhouse = $15.00 each
AF340: Reed-Mat and Bark Covered Wigwam = $15.00 each