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Accessible Games Releases World's Edge Arena Book for Psi-punk RPG

Do any of you remember American Gladiators? I know they tried to bring it back just a few years ago, but it didn't quite work out. I remember watching reruns of the original series on USA Network during the summer. I always wanted to try out some of those games, like the one where the gladiator shoots tennis balls at the competitor, who fires back with oversized nerf weapons. While I'd like to try that, I'm not so sure I'd actually like to go fight against cybernetically enhanced Komodo dragons. Well, in real-life anyway. In an RPG, sure. Thankfully, Accessible Games has just such an expansion book for Psi-punk where I can go do that.

The new book, called World's Edge Arena, takes players to Chile, where they will compete in the televised bloodsport of live arena fighting. Will your players be the team that wins it all? You've got to fight your way past the seven other teams, as well as an opening round of the aforementioned cybernetic Komodo dragons.

The book gives you rules for arena combat, monsters to fight in said arena, and plenty of human opponents as well.

You can pick up electronic copies now, with print versions coming soon.