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Accessible Games Launches Monster Kart Mayhem Kickstarter

Accessible Games puts you in the driver's seat with their new no-GM-needed RPG of kart racing goodness, Monster Kart Mayhem.


From the campaign:

Monster Kart Mayhem lets you choose or create your own racer and pit them against up to 5 friends and family in a speed race and battle royale of monstrous proportions. You’ll zip through 1,000 km of Transylvania’s harshest terrain, grab Power-Ups to attack your opponents or boost your own abilities, and try to avoid all of those obnoxious vampire chickens and zombie cows that get in your way.

Our goal is to reach at least $1,000 by April 13th, 2014. For every $750 above that goal, we’ll release one additional adventure pack filled with new characters, Power-Ups, rules options, and a race course. If we reach $4,500, we’ll compile the core book and all four adventure packs into one Monstrous Edition and make it available as a Print-on-Demand product through DriveThruRPG.

All backers unlock access to the Beta version of the core game and all its adventure packs, and every backer who pledges at least $10 is guaranteed a copy of every adventure that successfully funds.

Visit the Monster Kart Mayhem Kickstarter page to join the community of backers who have already shown their support.