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ACASA Creations announces URGE game and Kickstarter coming soon

ACASA Creations has started advertising their new game, U.R.G.E., that's going to be coming to Kickstarter soon.


From the website:

U.R.G.E. wants to be the game that pulls the teenagers away from the video games as well as the game that the teenagers will love playing and interacting with their family. “It really works I have two of those teenagers.” Grandparents can play this with the teens and have a great time as well. U.R.G.E. has a mission to bring an absolutely hilarious game back to the dinner table or coffee table or floor near you. We want to see an U.R.G.E. board game in every home so that we can bring the family unit back together. ( Having Fun and Laughing with your friends and family is key to enjoying life. ) So U.R.G.E. wants you all to enjoy to the fullest.

U.R.G.E. is a game where you make phrases with a predetermined set of four letters.

For example U.R.G.E. could be
(Unusually, Random, Game, Everyone) or
(Unicorn’s, Race Giraffes Everyday) or
(Under, Rabbits, Grass, Endures)