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Abyssal Dwarf background updated

Mantic Games have posted an update to the background for their Abyssal Dwarf fantasy range. From their announcement:
We have just updated our Tales of The Abyss section on our website, so if you want to be inspired take a look: Tales of the Abyss The tales that tell of the Great Abyss are one’s often carried on the lips of madmen, whose infernal damnation have been sealed by the sights they have seen. From hints at the origins of the fearsome Abyssal Dwarf armies to stories about the different types of troop that fight under their overlord’s banners, the tales from the abyss are dark and haunting tales of what can happen if the pull of the Abyss takes hold. More tales are soon to be added as whispers carry across the land of abyssal half-breeds; half-man, half-abyssal, as well as mythic crazed dwarfs who fight in a berserker rage. Perhaps most sinister of all is the enslaving of entire hordes of orcs, whose warrior nature is manipulated into fighting at the forefront of the Abyssal armies in great numbers. The forces of the Abyssal Dwarfs are getting ever stronger, and the tales from the Abyss are only growing with them.