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Absolute Tabletop Trading Submissions For RPG Supplements

Absolute Tabletop has started their new Absolute Creativity Project. They're looking for your creative submissions. In return, they'll give you a free digital supplement, of your choice (from what they make, of course :P). The idea is to get the creative juices in their readers flowing. The only sign-up required is to their webshop so you can get your free download once you submit your piece.

“Too often, we sit down in front of blank sheets of paper and write nothing,” said co-founder Michael Barker. “Because, at the end of the day, every creative idea you don’t write down dies inside of your mind, without ever being shared with another human being, and that’s just wrong. We want to encourage creativity through gaming in any way that we can, and we’ve chosen to do it by giving away free stuff!”

The deadline to participate in the Absolute Creativity project is, September 30.

Now, some of you might be wondering just how much 200 words is. It's incredibly small. For example, the entirety of this post is coming in at around 200 words (including the quote). So it's really not all that hard, at all, to come up with 200 words on any particular subject.