Aberrant to attend SoCal SmackDown

Abberant will be at the SoCal SmackDown gaming event. From their announcement:
Just to let you know that Aberrant, as an official sponsor, will be at the SoCal SmackDown in Anaheim, on Sunday 5th September 2010. Both Jane and Tony will be in attendance so swing by, say Hello and learn about Aberrant and the future of the company and it's products. Please note that the SoCal SmackDown runs from Friday 3rd September until Monday 6th, Aberrant will be there for the Sunday only. The official events are: 10:00 a.m. Warlands Battle Royale, scheduled for 2 hours. For new and existing players. Models will be provided for any new players who want to play, but existing players can bring their own if they want to. Prizes will be provided. 2:00 p.m. Rezolution Big Bash, scheduled for 3 hours. Beat Aberrant at its own game. A 400 point army required, any faction following all the army build rules (25% mercenaries allowed, points allocation etc). Prize for winning player unless it's Aberrant. This has never happened, so lets continue that trend! Warlands and Rezolution demos and pick-up games will be run throughout the day as time permits. As a convention special we will have a limited number of the Warlands Rattler Gun Truck 'naked' (in a bag and not packaged in a blister etc) for a special SoCal Smackdown price of $10.00, a 33% discount off regular retail price and Warlands Buggy packs (both variants) 'naked' for a special SoCal SmackDown price of $9.00, a 33% discount off regular retail price. The convention specials along with other Aberrant product will be available on Sunday in the Dealers Room with Brookhurst Hope to see you all there.